US West Coast, been there, done that.

To end of my 2013, I went to the states with my family. It was a 23 day trip from the 13th of December to the 5th of January.

This was our planned itinerary
Off we go!!

The thing is, I bought a GoPro over Black Fridays and I sent it over to where I’ll be staying for my first night in Los Angeles and thus, my adventure in the US will be depicted by the footage from my GoPro!

First photo with my GoPro!

We stayed in my mum’s friend house for the first couple of days. We had planned to go outlet shopping and to go to Six Flag Magic Mountain!!

Driving out with the fam band!
Our first destination!

Six Flags Magic Mountain, home of the 6 world record breaking rides and we definitely had to go on ALL of them (which we did)!

Thanks to this!

The Flash Pass allowed us to skip all the queues for each ride and we managed to get on ALL the rides!! The best rides in my opinion were the Tatsu, the Superman ride and the Full Throttle!

The Tatsu

Tatsu was a ride where we all “flying” forwards! One of the highest rides there, maximum excitement. HAHA

The Superman: The Escape (One of my favourite photos taken!)

Superman was a short and simple ride, it wasn’t as simple as just going forwards but HALF of the ride was going backwards!!

Full Throttle.png
Full Throttle!

Full Throttle was one of the FASTEST rides I’ve been on. It had a inverted loop and even backwards propulsion!


Our first long distance drive through the west coast, from Los Angeles, we were headed for Las Vegas!


Mandatory Las Vegas Signage photo!


The next day, we drove to the Hoover Dam!

Featuring: my brother, our designated driver 😀


After our quick trip to the Hoover Dam, we got back to Vegas at night!


We went up the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, which has an amazing birdeye’s view of Las Vegas. We also managed to watch the Bellagio’s fountain show from up there!

The following day, we flew to Montana, Whitefish, which was where my aunt stayed and we spent the following week there which included Christmas!

Montana was where we did all our winter activities which consisted of mainly snowboarding and sled rides! We also went to a rifle range to shoot as my uncle owes a couple of hunting rifles and wanted to let us try. I was super excited for this leg of the trip as it would be my first White Christmas, in fact, my first time with snow!!

View from her balcony!
We went for a sled ride, pulled by Alaskan huskies!


This is my cousin! He’s American and currently still studying there!


The sled ride lasted approximately an hour and a half, travelling over 19KM through the alpine woods, some parts were slowed down as the dogs slowly manuveured through but there were exciting moments too when the dogs raced through the snow. After the ride, we warmed up in their cabin with hot cocoa and cookies, which were both super delightful!


You can find them here! Located in Whitefish, Montana.

Snowboarding was super tough with it being my first time but at the end of the day, I managed to get going at a somewhat reasonable pace. It was super fun nonetheless and I hope to go again!


Getting off the ski lift was harder than it looks (at least for beginners)


Going to the shooting range was super fun. It was in the middle of the forest and it was super duper cold out there. We shot with a hunting rifle that was custom made by my uncle!


The rifle was super cool and it was super shiok to shoot.

Montana Rifle Shot.gif

After Christmas, we flew straight to San Francisco and this is where  we were gonna cross over into the new year!


Our first activity there was cycling and damn, was it a long and scenic ride.

SF Cycling route.png
This was our cycling route.
The view from the cliff. The Cliff House was also located here and thats where we had our lunch!



Almost reaching the Golden Gate Bridge!




View of San Francisco from the boat back from Sausalito, which was across the Golden Gate Bridge
Pier 39 or the more well known Fishermen’s Wharf




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